Craft Industrial's Capabilities

Routine Maintenance

All types of rolls and equipment rebuilds

  • Refiners
  • Coal Handling Equipment
  • Paper Rolls
  • Reel Spools
  • Felt Rolls
  • Lift Pumps
  • Hydrapulper Gear Drives
  • And More



  • Repair rotors, pump casings, bearing housings
  • Bearing fit repairs
  • Repair and replace damaged parts
  • Journal and shaft replacements
  • Screw repairs of all types
  • Diagnose failures
  • Reverse Engineer part replacement
  • FACT:  Craft Industrial can repair and recondition many types of equipment back to original OEM specifications

Roll Service

  • Complete disassembly and inspection
    • TIR (run out) on journals and roll shell
    • NDT inspection of journals, heads, and shell
    • Bearing fit diameter measurement
    • Housing bore measurement
    • Coupling fit & bore measurement
    • Report condition of all components
    • Recommend repairs
    • Repairs performed to OEM specifications
  • Assemble roll
  • Bearing installation documented
  • Dynamic balance at operating speed
  • Paint as required and prepare for shipment

Chrome Roll

Some Of Our Work